Brick Lane Market

Brick Lane is a pure East End London bustling and vibrant network of covered markets and streets, half way between jewel and junk heap

Brick Lane Flea Market is halfway between jewel and junk heap, but it is a pure East End London flea market. Brick Lane Flea Market attracts lots of tourists in search of an authentic London neighborhood and young Londoners, in search of vintage furniture.

The joy of this flea market is that you never know what you’ll find. There is truly anything from cheap leather clothes and old magazines, to vintage style clothing to Art Deco furniture – with a lot of old junk in between.

At Brick Lane Market, shoppers will find all they could possibly imagine – and more. There is second-hand furniture, unusual clothes (always worth a look for the retro-lovers), unique vintage, bric-a-brac, magazines, vintage clothing, toiletries, sweets, electrical equipment, vintage products, and bits of this-and-that which can typically be found at the flea market. The Brick Lane Flea Market is now becoming known as a great place to pick up home accessories.

The Brick Lane flea market is actually a complex, intricate network of five markets all connected together, known as The Truman Markets. These markets are located within the confines of the historic 11-acre Old Truman Brewery, at the northern end of Brick Lane, and are known as The Sunday UpMarket, the Vintage Market, the Backyard Market, the Tea Rooms, and the Boiler House Food Hall.

Among these markets, the Tea Rooms and the Vintage Markets are probably the most interesting markets we’ve seen in Brick Lane, as they offer an eclectic collection of antiques, curios, collectibles, vintage clothing & accessories.

The Tea Rooms, founded in 2009, is a market named for its large selection of teas and coffees and traditional baked goods as well as antiques, silk cushions, furniture, collectibles, and handmade goods. Its main shop, The Vintage Emporium, located downstairs, is a vintage clothing and accessories store with items dating back between the Victoria Era and the 1950s.

The Vintage Market is composed of stalls owned by British and European vintage specialists and offering old clothes ranging from the early 1920s to the 1990s. Also offered are accessories, vintage records, and a random collection of unique old trinkets.

Last, but not least: A trip to Brick Lane would not be complete without taking the time to give the local “cuisine” a go. The food market in the boiler house hall offers delicious street food from around the world. You will find every ethnic food imaginable, from freshly cooked pasta and Bratwurst to Japanese octopus fritters and Ethiopian bayenetu. In the summertime, the outdoor Sunday UpMarket caters to hundreds of visitors who come for the food and the sunshine.

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8 reviews

  1. One of the best flea markets in London for all kind of stuff. It’s an interesting walk around clothing, vintage, accessories, jewellery, food, CD, DVDs and anything you could imagine. It’s open on Monday morning but all the shops and restaurants on brick lane are open every day.

  2. Visitng the Brick Lane market was the highlight of my trip to London. It really encompassed the diversity of the city and true british life, not just the touristy stuff. If you go on a Sunday it is lined miles and miles with different vendors selling food from all over, sweets, homemade jewelry and clothes, and every odd bit you could think of. It really has everything you could want or need and as your walking down brick lane admiring the different stalls and vendors take a moment to look up and admire the amazing street art that lines the street. If you go a little off Brick Lane you’ll even see an old Banksy piece for the art buffs out there. Brick Lane is somewhere that really has something for everyone between the market, bars, stores, art, and history it is in my opinion the heart and best part of London.

  3. Brick Lane is a busy area full of Vintage Shops, Flea Markets, Street Art and Indian restaurants. You can spend long hours just strolling in the markets around Brick Lane, here i include also the Spitalfield Market. Also try to discover all the small alleys that around Brick Lane and you won’t be disappointed with the Street Art that you find around them. Also if you arrive there, extend you walk to Shoreditch and Hackney.

  4. Less pretentious than Portobello, better Stert food than Borough, Brick Lane is a quintessential London market.

  5. We walked through and there were lots of vintage shops with vintage clothes from the 1950s and 1960s. The market wasnt in but there were lots of people around as The rain didn’t put them off. Lots of good shops and curry houses to try.

  6. Brick Lane is always a good plan, if you manage to get up early on a Sunday morning then you’re probably heading to brick lane. There is so much to see and eat it’s nearly impossible to get bored of it. The only downfall is that it is pretty crowded most days so expect to be pushed around a little bit. Its a definite must go for tourists and Londoners alike.

  7. Brick Lane on a Sunday literally has an electric atmosphere, it comes alive for one day a week and hipsters in their hundreds and tourists in their thousands descend upon the market halls and street stalls. Every cuisine is represented amongst the rows of literally amazing food stalls. And if you’re not there for the food (you must be mad…) but there are plenty of vintage clothes, records and antiques sellers about the place. The perfect East End Sunday afternoon combines this with Columbia Road Flower market, Spitalfields city farm and the Museum of Childhood.

  8. Great place to pick up a bargain. Can get quite busy!

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