Cameo Antique Mall

The Cameo Antique Mall has been showcasing since 2002, popular and high demand quality antiques at an affordable price, displayed in a pleasant environment, with wide aisles and uncluttered displays to provide a comfortable atmosphere for any shopper

Since the day it opened to the public, back in 2002, the Cameo Antique Mall in Sauk City, Wisconsin, has been going strong. This shows that antiques are not close to going out of fashion in The Badger State! The mall is somewhat of a family affair. The owner, Deborah Skowronski, could say that she has antiquing in her blood. She inherited her love of all things old and collectible from her parents, who collected, restored, and sold antiques of all kinds throughout their life. This mall is her second venture into the world of antique stores and it continues to grow both in size and popularity.

The layout of the various stalls and vendors within the Cameo Antique Mall is well thought out for the customer. Sometimes, large malls like this can feel a little cluttered and overwhelming, but not so in this antique mall. The whole space is well utilized, though not at all crammed. Each vendor has a generous space in which to display their goods. Shoppers can take their time and stroll around easily, being sure not to miss any treasures thanks to the well-kept displays.

There is a wonderful variety of items for sale at the Cameo Antique Mall. Vintage and antique jewelry is something of a specialty here and the store also offers a reparation and restoration service for these items. Antique furniture, chinaware, pocket watches, clocks, vintage books, postcards, music sheets, vinyl records, lamps, chandeliers, vases, and artwork can also be found here, among many other goods. The pricing throughout the store is more than fair and there is definitely something here to suit every budget.

As well as the store itself, the Cameo Antique Mall offers great online services for shoppers and collectors. It is possible to shop on their own website and they also keep an Etsy store stocked. Delivery is available for most items, though larger pieces of furniture, in particular, are for collection only.

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