Carla Mittersteig

Discover Murano glass vases, art nouveau items, porcelain, antique furniture and retro coffee pots at charity run second-hand store, Carla Mittersteig.

Carla Mittersteig is located in the heart of Vienna, Austria. Head over to the 5th district and discover vintage goodies at Carla, a second-hand store run by a charity called Caritas. Shop for a variety of eclectic second-hand treasures and trinkets spread out over an impressive 4,000 square meters (43,000 sqft) of floor space.

The public donates unwanted clothes, furniture, and household goods to the charity, and they supply people in need with clothing and necessities. Furniture, tableware and other items are sold to the public in the Carla stores, the proceeds are then donated to help aid projects. Carla employs women and men who have been unemployed for a long time and who have had difficulty finding work. With the help of social workers, Caritas helps people to get back on their feet after an unimaginable difficult period in their lives.

As people are always donating items – the selection of goods on offer is always fresh and exciting! Every time you visit the Carla Mittersteig store, there will be a different retro item to capture your attention. Caritas believe strongly in the reuse of clothing and furniture, as it reflects their passion for reducing waste and halting the production of greenhouse gases. Buying items from Carla can make a huge difference to the environment, and to the lives of people who have been misfortunate in life.

Together we can combat global warming and abolish poverty, all whilst finding a beautiful new vintage rug for our home, or a rare 1960s European bedside table.

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