Carpentras flea market

For a sedate, charming and authentic antiquing time in Southern France, the Carpentras flea market and its 200 stalls showcasing a lovely range of antique and second hand merchandises, hits all the marks.

For a sedate, charming and authentic antiquing time, the weekly Carpentras flea market hits all the marks; some antiques hunting enthusiasts even consider it one of the best flea markets in Provence. Carpentras flea market is a relatively low-key and medium-sized flea market, with the number of stall-holders fluctuating a little through the seasons. But all year round shoppers are met with friendly faces, relaxed company and an incredibly pleasant little market to experience.

Set up in a parking lot, the Carpentras flea market hosts at its largest around 200 stalls, showcasing a lovely range of antique and second-hand merchandise out for sale. There is no need to set the alarms and be up at the crack of dawn to rummage through the offerings: the Carpentras flea market opens late-ish morning and doesn’t have the frantic vibe that accompanies the opening of so many flea markets. Vendors and shoppers alike are chilled, enjoying each other’s company and merchants are quick to engage browsers in conversations about the origins of their artifacts and any other interesting info at hand. For those who love a story to go with their sales, the Carpentras flea market is a must-visit!

The Carpentras flea market is known as a Puces-Brocante, which means it offers higher quality items than the average car-boot sale, but is not quite classified as an antique fair. However, there are often goods of real quality to be found here, and many antiques are indeed dotted around. The variety in terms of wares and prices is huge, though the majority of goods are standard second-hand bits emptied out of someone’s house, rather than fine decorative objects. But it can always be worth spending the time to search for the hidden treasure.

In addition to its weekly flea market, the commune of Carpentras hosts a few times a year a larger flea market fair. Dubbed the “immanquables” (which translates into unmissable), this flea market extravaganza gathers up to 900 professional and private antique vendors spreading their wares over 40,000 square meters of exhibition area. Only vintage merchandises and antiques can be sold during the “immanquables”.

There is always at least one food truck found among the stalls at the Carpentras flea market, and usually cheap and tasty wine available, which of course makes the shopping experience all the more enjoyable!

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