Christie Antique & Vintage Show

The Christie Antique & Vintage Show has been in existence for nearly 30 years. Shop for vintage oddities and curiosities at one of Canada's biggest antique flea markets.

After first opening their doors in 1988, The Christie Antique & Vintage Show in Ontario has been attracting vendors and buyers from across Canada for nearly 30 years! Until 2014, this retro event was called Christie Antique Show. However, the importance that the role of vintage items have played and will continue to play in the industry, inspired the name change.

The Christie Antique & Vintage Show hosts two events every year – one in spring and one in fall – each gathering over 250 antique professionals. Around 10,000 shoppers attend the event and explore 10 acres of land, full of treasures waiting to be discovered. Visitors can expect to find a wide collection of goods here, such as Native artifacts, folk art, rugs, silverware, jewelry, furniture, scientific instruments, textiles, cut glass, sports memorabilia and much more. In fact, the Christie Antique & Vintage Show features over 1,200 collecting categories!

We suggest that you travel to this event as early as possible. Unfortunately, traffic jams are unavoidable with the sheer amount of people traveling to The Christie Antique & Vintage Show. However, despite the influx of visitors, the show is organized impeccably. The staff has made sure that there is enough space for cars to park and that the show is easy to access.

There are plentiful food vendors with a great selection of hot and cold snacks to choose from. This event is a great day out for the family, whether you’re a die-hard antique collector, or just fancy having a browse and seeing what’s on offer – you are guaranteed an incredible time at the Christie Antique & Vintage Show.

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