Christie Antique & Vintage Show

The Christie Antique & Vintage Show has been in existence for nearly 30 years. Shop for vintage oddities and curiosities at one of Canada's biggest antique flea markets.

Since 1988, the Christie Antique and Vintage Fair has been attracting specialist antique dealers to showcase their wares at this twice yearly celebratory market. Thousands of serious buyers, casual collectors and market lovers from across Canada and the United States attend this event. Having completed its 30th year of business, this show has grown so much over time that it is now considered Canada’s largest, and most favorite, antique and vintage market.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority now organizes the Christie Antique and Vintage Fair. Since 2010, this market has been hosting two events every year – one in spring and one in fall – each gathering over 250 antique professionals. The Christie Antique & Vintage Show attracts more than 10,000 shoppers and continues to gain popularity. The site is expansive, with plenty of room for the hundreds of vendors that attend. It is easy to access for shoppers too, with more than enough free parking and public transport routes almost to the doors. There is an entrance fee, which can be paid on arrival or booked in advance online. It is more than worth it to be part of this incredible display of historical items and exceptional vintage wares.

The treasures up for grabs at Christie Antique and Vintage Fair are spread over 10 acres, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes to fully enjoy the day! Vendors are chosen to ensure that a range of items are available to browse through, and everyone from the novice to the experienced collected will be satiated here. Visitors can expect to find a wide collection of goods here, such as Native artifacts, furniture pieces large and small, sports and advertising memorabilia, antique ornaments, stoneware, folk art, rugs, jewelry, scientific instruments, textiles, glass ware, china and so much more. In fact, there are an unbelievable 1,200 collecting categories listed for this show!

As well as the astounding goods, there are refreshments aplenty at Christie Antique and Vintage Fair. Shoppers will need to take advantage of this to be sure to keep going all day! There are plentiful food vendors with a great selection of hot and cold snacks to choose from.

This event is a great day out for the family, whether you’re a die-hard antique collector, or just fancy having a browse and seeing what’s on offer – you are guaranteed an incredible time at the Christie Antique & Vintage Show.

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