Clinton’s Antique District

Clinton is typical small-town American, with all the charm, friendliness and welcoming vibes that one would expect, and a real passion for American antiques, collectables and history

Those with an interest in American antiques, collectables and history in general would be well advised to visit Clinton’s Antique District. Though be sure to allow at least a whole day to fully explore all the treasures that this town has to offer, or perhaps even a little longer. With 10,000 residents, Clinton is typical small-town American, with all the charm, friendliness and welcoming vibes that one would expect. Its particular emphasis on antiques makes a visit here all the more special.

One of the big draws of Clinton’s Antique District is the sheer span of antiques and collectables represented here. Americana is prominent, and European history is also spread throughout the different stores. Many other historical artefacts are available for sale, and collectors are going to have a field day rummaging through the cabinets and chatting to the owners of the stores. The town is certainly proud of history, and this makes for a fantastic atmosphere that embraces all things antique and all those that enjoy them!

The kinds of shops in Clinton’s Antique District vary from large to small, from specialist to general, from pricey to the more affordable. To put it simply, there is something for everyone! The largest store in town is Granny’s Attic, with a wide range of furniture, jewellery, estate items and other household objects. The store that has graced these streets the longest is Burrville Antiques with some beautiful items of furniture. Candence Antique Emporium is home to more than 20,000 square feet of treasures and curios with a café inside for those needing to take the weight off their feet and replenish their energy.

Last but not least, one of the most popular stores in Clinton’s Antique District is The Antique Market. This store features furniture from the early 20th century and specializes in pieces from New England. It also has a huge selection of antique lamps, and is an excellent source for parts for those who enjoy tinkering and restoring vintage items.

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