De 10 Geboden

Once a church converted into an antique warehouse back in 2015, De 10 Geboden is a unique antique store and religious artifacts bric-à-brac with nothing of its like to compare it within Belgium, or probably further afield

De 10 Geboden is, without doubt, a unique antique store with nothing of its like to compare it within Belgium, and probably further afield. It is a church, acquired by Kristof Moenaert in 2012, and converted into an antique warehouse in 2015, from which he has been trading ever since. He also lives on the premises and did so before he became inspired to turn the church into a collectibles store. Needless to say, he is an interesting character to strike up a conversation with, which is one of many great reasons to drop by this store and check out the wares.

This store is appropriately named De 10 Geboden, which translates to English as “The 10 Commandments”. Kristof has been an avid collector for nearly all of his life, and after moving into the church began to notice that his own collection was taking up more and more room. Since the church began to resemble an antique shop anyway, it made sense to take that final step and open up for business! If this description is ringing a bell with some, it could be because it was featured on the popular British TV show Salvage Hunters.

The antiques and collectibles found at De 10 Geboden spill out of the front door of the church onto the front and surrounding garden, so as visitors approach there can be no doubt that they have arrived at the right place. At first glance, you may be forgiven for thinking that there is a lot of junk to behold. However, discerning collectors and fans of antiques will soon see that the items gathered here are pretty special indeed. Fabulous furniture can be found, alongside images of Saints, miniature Herge cars, suitcases, lamps, statues, busts, glassware, and of course, wonderful religious artifacts.

Visitors to De 10 Geboden should not expect a well-ordered shop when visiting here. Instead, items are simply piled into any and every available space. This makes the treasure hunt all the more exciting, as you never know what you may find here.

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