Denham Springs Antique Village

At the heart of beautiful downtown Denham Springs in Lousianna, lies the Denham Springs Antique Village, an antique district which is home to over 25 unique antique and collectible shops

At the heart of beautiful downtown Denham Springs in Lousianna, lies the Denham Springs Antique Village, which is home to over 25 unique antique and vintage shops. Visitors can easily spend the whole day here, and enthusiasts with a qualified interest in antiques and collectibles may want to allow a little more time. Every store has its own unique collection of treasures, each owner has their own stories to tell and the restaurants in the area have made a name for themselves due to their delicious cuisine. Denham Springs is definitely a place that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Of course, most visitors will want to make sure they step into every store in Denham Springs Antique Village. However, there are of course a few gems that should absolutely not be missed. The Gilded Sparrow specializes in furniture, and there are wonderful pieces within. Rescued Revisions also stocks some great antique and vintage furniture, at such amazing prices that it is impossible to leave the store empty-handed. Antique Cottage has a little bit of everything from artwork to toys, and the Copper Hutch specializes in architectural salvage, upcycling and a wide range of other items. It goes without saying that there is something for everyone, whether visitors are interested in the old days or not!

For anyone that loves antiques, it is a special thing indeed to find a town that has a whole area dedicated to such stores, which is exactly what you find at the Denham Springs Antique Village. Next door to each wonderful store is yet another with more antiques and vintage items to see. It may end up becoming the only place that you wish to go shopping, ever again! The atmosphere is so friendly here too, visitors will find themselves chatting about the store they are in or the kinds of things they collect with whoever happens to be standing next to them. It really is a collector’s dream come true.

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    1. Denham springs is one of my fav flea market

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