Eclectic Antiques Center

With a combined experience of more than 50 years of seeking and collecting vintage and antique items throughout New Zealand, the owners of the Eclectic Antiques Center certainly know their trade

For those that want to style their house with unique items only, the Eclectic Antiques Center is the place to shop at in Nelson, New Zealand. The owners of the store have a combined experience of more than 50 years of seeking and collecting vintage and antique items throughout the country, and their knowledge shines through in the goods on display. There is a story lurking behind every item on the shelves, and the staff are more than happy to share these.

Walking through the Eclectic Antiques Center is like taking a step back in time. Visitors can easily get lost among the memories here, and an afternoon can be spent browsing through and admiring the items. The owners are well in touch with the local community and are sure to attend any antique sales and estate sales in the area to keep their collection fresh and changing for regular customers. They also take regular picking trips to the USA, so there is a fair amount of Americana to be found in their store.

The goods for sale at Eclectic Antiques Center are wide ranging and wonderful. It is an eclectic mix of antique furniture, china ware, glassware, vintage jewellery ,vintage clothing, mirrors, candlesticks, ornaments, old crates and suitcases, vinyl collections, record players, old games, rusty car parts, old vending machines and more. Collectors can definitely spend some time here and find something worth adding to their collections, and casual shoppers will find plenty to enjoy here too. It is the perfect store for everyone.

As well as the store, the Eclectic Antiques Center regularly holds other events to celebrate collectables and antiques. There will often be a show when the owners return from an American picking trip, and jumble sales often pop up on the grounds. It is certainly worth keeping abreast of what is happening in and around this shop to join the antiquing community here.

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