Edgewater Antique Mall

Furnish your home head to toe in gorgeous vintage homeware from Edgewater Antique Mall. They have been operating for over 14 years and people visit the store from all over Chicago. 

Edgewater Antique Mall has been showcasing the best furniture and decorative arts in the Chicago area for over 14 years. They take pride in supplying an exciting and refreshing selection of antiques, vintage, kitsch products, 20th century furniture and vintage industrial styles.

One could spend hours upon hours browsing all of the antiques and trinkets at the Edgewater Antique Mall. Make sure you dedicate at least half a day to visiting this vintage store, so that you have plenty of time to dig for treasures! Admission is free, as this is an antique store, not a flea market. However, it has the atmosphere of a market because everywhere you turn there are new tables offering different products in a variety of styles and from different eras.

The staff are welcoming and friendly and have bundles of knowledge about retro furniture, so make sure to ask them some questions if you need advice. Traders usually advertise their products at very reasonable prices, and aren’t usually open to negotiation. All of the items for sale are high-quality and certainly not knock offs, this is a reputable vintage shopping establishment.

We suggest going to Edgewater Antique Mall with an open mind. Be curious and inspect everything that is on offer. If you go in search of a very specific item, then you may leave disappointed. You won’t find much clothing here, but you can expect to find vintage curtains, furnishings and decorations, especially décor that was popular during Americas opulent mid-century period.

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