Emperor’s Attic

Specialized in quality Chinese vintage and antique furniture since the 90s, Emperor's Attic has recently been voted the Best Antiques Store in Singapore by readers of Expat Living and is reputed for providing unique pieces of high quality, with a fair and affordable pricing

Emperor’s Attic has been treating Singapore to quality Chinese antiques since the late 90s, though it was formerly known as FairPrice Antiques. The store has a great location in the city, making it easy for everyone to pop in and browse through the fantastic vintage items in stock. It has a wonderful reputation in Singapore for providing unique pieces of high quality, and it feels as though this store will be a staple here for many more years to come.

Emperor’s Attic is popular with both locals and the large ex-pat community living in Singapore. It was recently voted the Best Antiques Store by readers of Expat Living. Once you step in, it is easy to see why. The store specializes in quality Chinese vintage and antique furniture and also sources ceramic goods, porcelain works, stone statues, artwork, and other accessories for the home. Pricing here is fair and affordable, so anyone that fancies a special, one-of-a-kind piece for their home will find something (and probably more than one thing!) suitable in this store.

The owners of Emperor’s Attic have long-standing connections with a small number of suppliers in Northern China, and through these strong relationships ensure the high quality of the goods that they curate for their store. They make sure they know the history of each piece and guarantee the authenticity of each item. It is this level of integrity that keeps shoppers coming back, and continues to build the great reputation of this shop.

Each item for sale in Emperor’s Attic is hand-picked by the owner of the store, and he has shown over the years that he has a great eye and is clearly passionate about antiques. Visitors to the store are always made to feel welcome too, whether they share the owner’s passion or are simply after something a little different and special for their homes.

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