Feira da Vandoma

Born in 1970s, Feira da Vandoma is a weekly flea market that caters to all tastes and is one of those flea markets that will definitely enhance an excursion to the city of Porto

Feira da Vandoma is a flea market that caters to all tastes and is one of those flea markets that will definitely enhance an excursion to the city of Porto. It is not a tourist trap of a market, but rather a fantastic collection of random second hand items and innumerable curios; enough to entertain any visitor. Whether searching for yourself, your household or perhaps a unique item for a gift, Feira da Vandoma has you covered, and offers a whole load more.

The origins of Feira da Vandoma are traditional indeed. In the 1970s, students in the city wanted to organize a means to sell on their books, clothes and other used items, and they became the building blocks of the current weekly flea market. They were soon joined by other sellers, and over the years the market became the slightly more organized affair that you can find today. It is still wonderfully chaotic though, and rummaging through the piles on offer can easily fill a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Feira da Vandoma takes place every Saturday, so if you only have one day free to explore the city of Porto then be sure coincide with this market day. There is something on every stall that catches the eye, and the amount of different items available is quite extraordinary. There are clothes, old furniture, second-hand books, sticker collections, LPs, stamps, newspapers and magazines, cutlery, jewelry, household appliances, tools, gardening utensils, crockery, mirrors, pictures and frames, carpets and rugs and a whole load more.

The location of the Feira da Vandoma is one of the most picturesque and traditional areas in Porto. It is in Fontainhas, close the the wonderful Se Catedral. The area often hosts celebratory occasions and street parties, so is the perfect area to host market stalls, vendors and shoppers.  There is also a fabulous view of the Douro river, and plenty of options for lunch stops or a quick beer.

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