Feria Desembalaje

Taking place at different times of the year in many different Spanish cities, including Madrid, Bilbao and Cantabria, Feria Desembalaje keeps antique enthusiasts on their toes

Feria Desembalaje keeps antique enthusiasts on their toes. It takes place at different times of the year in Arriondas, Asturias, Bilbao, Cantabria, Madrid, and Murcia. Desembalaje Cantabria, one of the largest Feria Desembalaje, attracts in average 130,000 visitors, 1,400 exhibitors, features more than 800,000 items and generates an economic impact of 3.5 million euros for the region. The Feria Desembalaje in Cantabria is considered by the Association of Fairs of Spain one of the most visited fairs in the antique sector.

Fans of this flea market will be sure to keep track of the dates and locations and follow it through the country, and it can be well worth doing so. This antique market is packed with treasures, and those that enjoy browsing through all kinds of items from bygone days will find plenty to please them here.

Not just any old second hand items can be up for sale at Feria Desembalaje. These markets have guidelines, and any goods on offer need to be a minimum of 40 years old. The events are defined as antique, vintage and retro fairs, and if your goods are not of a high enough quality you will not be setting up a stall here. This means that visitors to Feria Desembalaje are guaranteed a certain calibre of collectables, which also means that it will always be worth a visit.

Incredible items can be found at Feria Desembalaje. Nostalgia for the good old days of the 1960s is available in spades through the old telephones, typewriters, sewing machines and Bakelite radios up for grabs. Those more interested in vintage fashion will be spoilt for choice at the stalls with clothing displays. There are some wonderful jewellery collections, china ware, household and garden tools, ornaments, books, lamps and other decorative furniture pieces and a whole lot more. If the market is too far away for you to get to, there is plenty available via the online store for these events.

Of course, any celebratory antique market like Feria Desembalaje is not complete without incredible local foods from plentiful food trucks, and shoppers are guaranteed delicious refreshments here. It is definitely worth making note of the dates and locations of these antique markets. You will not want to miss any of them.

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