Fiera di Sinigaglia

Born in 1880, Fiera di Sinigaglia is the oldest flea market in Milan and the only one open for business every week, and has become somewhat of an institution in the city

Of course, when one thinks of Milan it is designer brands and luxury items that may first spring to mind. However, every Saturday you can forget all that, and head to the wharf of Viale d’Annunizio, where stalls are set up ready for the weekly Fiera di Sinigaglia market. This is the polar opposite of the fashion giants and exclusivity for which the city is best known, and crowds flood here every week to lap it up.

Fiera di Sinigaglia is the oldest flea market in Milan and has become somewhat of an institution. Its roots can be traced back to the 1800s, and it has quite the following. Tourists make a beeline for it of a Saturday, and locals can be found here week after week. It is the only flea market in Milan that is open for business every week, so it does become part of people’s routine to pass through here. And when passing through, it is hard not to pick up a bargain or two of course.

Second-hand clothing thrives at Fiera di Sinigaglia, and it is always possible that authentic designer goods will be hanging here for just a few euro. As well as the clothing, there is something for everyone here. There are shoes, record collections, vintage and new books, coin collections, ethnic items, coffee makers, kitchen utensils, toys, and more. There are also stalls with cacti, herbs and other plants. This is an incredibly pleasant market to wander through, and many locals here seem to enjoy passing the time and socializing here.

Fiera di Sinigaglia is the perfect spot for any shopping needs. Whether it is that perfect, unique item to decorate the home, a birthday gift for someone, a treat for yourself or a collectible item that you simply must have, this market will fulfill all needs. It should definitely not be missed.

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