Antik- und Flohmarkt Flohschanze

Antik- und Flohmarkt Flohschanze is a lively flea market featuring an eclectic mix of crockery, bicycles, antiques, furniture, jewelry and clothing

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The Antik- und Flohmarkt Flohschanze (Flohschanze flea and antique market) is located in the heart of the popular Schanzenviertels in Hamburg. Once a week, visitors can rummage, haggle and buy between the decommissioned cattle slaughter halls located in the Neuer Kamp 1 Straße.

Antik- und Flohmarkt Flohschanze was established in the spring of 2000 and therefore looks back on a lasting tradition. One great thing about this flea market is that its organizers always make sure that only antiques, art and vintage flea market junk are showcased (new products are prohibited).

Due to the proximity to the Schanzenviertel, there are always quite a lot of tourists strolling the flea market halls. This explains why the Flohschanze flea and antique market is not only well known in Hamburg, but also in other German cities.

The flea market is used by many private sellers as a way to recycle old treasures which are no longer needed, after a successful spring cleaning. And if space is an issue on certain flea markets, it isn’t at the Flohschanze flea and antique market: Sellers can enjoy from a 1200 square meters surface to sell their goods, which is more than enough considering the number of booths.

Visitors to the Flohschanze flea and antique market can expect to find an eclectic mix of crockery, bicycles, antiques, furniture, jewelry and clothing. Since the flea market always attracts a wide audience, it gets harder and harder as the day goes by, to make a real bargain. This is why early birds are often rewarded by the discovery of a treasure of some kinds.

Merchants like to haggle in general, but they also have some precise price expectations. So when it comes to haggling, visitors should be aware that they might run sometimes into a long discussion with a seller. However in general, vendors and customers keep a very relaxed tone.

The location of Antik- und Flohmarkt Flohschanze clearly enjoys from its proximity to the busy Schanzenviertel and its pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Thereby it is strongly advised to get up early in order to be able to find the most sought after items.

And when the flea market is too crowded (this tends to happen a few times in spring and early summer) it is then almost impossible to make a bargain. But after all, making a bargain is not paramount to every visit to the flea market; it is also an enjoyable place to spontaneously show up after breakfast, to let the mind wander, take a few photos or make new interesting contacts. After all, this is where lies the spirit of the flea market. And Hamburg is not exception.

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3 reviews

  1. Zu jedem Hamburg-Besuch an einem Wochenende gehört für uns ein Abstecher zur Flohschanze. Hier kann man auf charmante Weise durch die Zeit reisen und findet jede Menge KrimsKrams, RetroDesign, Silberbesteck, Fahrräder, Büchern, Haushaltswaren, Antiquitäten und SecondHand-Klamotten. Der Markt ist MultiKulti besucht wie besetzt. Es gibt immer viel zu Gucken und zu entdecken…. Uns gefällt es!

  2. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure… One of the best flea markets in Hamburg. Start your Saturday mornings with a stroll through this great flea market before heading off to brunch.

  3. A great Saturday outdoor flea market in the Sternschanze/St. Pauli area, close to the fun (and funky) Karoviertel. From antique items, second hand clothes, to household goods, books, handmade jewelry, to many other random stuff, you’ll find so much here and can easily spend hours on a nice sunny Saturday morning/afternoon. A cool place for locals to go find some bargains, but it’s also a fun stop for visitors, even it’s just for walking around, people-watching, and enjoying the atmosphere.

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