Fuhe Bridge Flea Market

Hidden underneath an old bridge, Fuhe Bridge Flea Market has been going strong for the past 20 years and is one of the most popular treasure-hunting spots in Taipei

Located in a riverside park under Fuhe Bridge, Fuhe Bridge Flea Market in Taiwan is a fairly large open-air market with about 250-300 stalls. It has been going strong for the past 20 years, making it one of the most popular treasure-hunting spots in Taipei. Although open every day of the week, Fuhe Bridge Flea Market is the most bustling and fun on weekends, kicking off as early as 6 am and shutting down around noon. Take this tip: arrive early for the best treasures and near closing time for the greatest deals! And of course, haggling is a must.

Visitors will be pleasantly surprised by the sheer variety of items on sale at Fuhe Bridge Flea Market. Three major categories are electronics, clothes, and tools, but there are plenty of other weird and wonderful things – riffle through the vintage fans, polaroid cameras, vinyl collections, kitchenware, secondhand shoes and leather bags. Some antique pieces such as ancient books, Chinese ceramics, and calligraphy writings can also be found.

The Fuhe Bridge Flea Market is also a communal gathering. Since most stalls are run by families, vendors are constantly socializing with each other, talking about the weather or the latest news on the TV, which brings a very lively vibe to the market. Feel free to join in, Taiwanese people are extremely friendly and love a good chat!

Fuhe Bridge Flea Market is actually not the only market under the bridge. The Fuhe Traditional Market is literally just a few steps away, filled with cheap local eateries such as grilled sausages, oyster omelets, and scallion pancakes; many shoppers drop by for a quick lunch after a successful hunting session at the flea market.

To reach the Fuhe Bridge Flea Market, visitors can either get off at MRT Dingxi Station and take a shuttle bus or simply walk across the Fuhe Bridge from MRT Gongguan Station.

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