Galpón De Los Reyes

Set in a historic building designed by the famed French architect Gustave Eiffel, the Galpón De Los Reyes is one of the hidden secrets of Santiago, hosting roughly 220 individual vendors selling antique collectibles and oddities

The Galpón De Los Reyes, also known as Antiguedades Parque Los Reyes, is one of the hidden secrets of Santiago. When the New York Times declared the capital city of Chile among the world’s hippest at the end of 2011, they were no doubt referring to the incredible nightlife, music, and art scene that thrive here. However, beneath this chic, trendy face of the Chilean capital, there are still many aspects of the city that are charming indeed and still remain missing from the tourist map.

Among the bohemian inner-city neighborhood of Barrio Brasil, in a vast warehouse lies the Galpón De Los Reyes. This building is one of just two in the city that was designed by the famed French architect Gustave Eiffel – no prizes for guessing his most famous work! This warehouse originated as a train station in the early 1900s and is understandably looking a little used and perhaps even worn out by now. This makes it the absolute perfect home for vintage and antique treasures.

The antiques and oddities within Galpón De Los Reyes literally stretch from the floor to the ceiling. Through the shelves and displays here, a story of the city’s history is woven, and those that like to fill their homes with unique items full of character will be spoiled for choice. Roughly 220 individual vendors fill the space, and each one is well versed in local history, and in the stories behind the items they have for sale.

The kind of items found in Galpón De Los Reyes have come from near and far. Some are recognized vintage and antique collectibles, and other items are nothing short of weird. Visitors will find clocks, chandeliers, antiquated weaponry, books, religious relics, clothes to name but a few. There is definitely something to suit all tastes here.

Though you may visit with the intention of a simple bit of shopping, you will leave this warehouse a little bit wiser with regards to local history – and with bags full of treasures too of course!

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