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A relative new-comer to the world of flea markets and antiques fairs in Arizona, Gather A Vintage Market is already a well-established monthly antiquing extravaganza in downtown Tucson

Gather A Vintage Market is a relative new-comer to the world of flea markets and antiques fairs in Arizona. It first opened its doors in 2013 and is already a well-established monthly antiquing extravaganza in downtown Tucson, Arizona. The location is a former lumber yard known as the Old Arizona Sash and Door Warehouse, and with the old galvanized tin walls, exposed rafters and wooden floor it is the perfect site for being immersed in the world of antiques.

The creators and owners of Gather A Vintage Market aimed to create a welcoming environment in which they were able to interact with customers, share ideas and promote creativity. And they have achieved this without doubt. Their passion for antique treasures shines through this market and their enthusiasm infects everyone who visits. If it is ever a struggle to think of an original way to decorate a house, a visit to Gather A Vintage Market is a sure way to pick up inspiration, and also a few items of beautiful furniture to get started.

Even though Gather A Vintage Market features only 16 vendors so far, this creates a feeling of familial intimacy for every person that browses around the market , and guarantees a personalized service for all, which is rather special. The vendors obviously take great pride and effort to curate the perfect pieces for sale, and care tremendously about their craft. Pieces are sourced from across the USA and even through Europe, ensuring the very best collections are displayed for customers. Each month, the entire floor plan is redesigned and restyled around a theme, creating a fresh and interesting experience each month.

Of course, one visit to Gather A Vintage Market is unlikely to be enough. More likely is that it becomes a compulsory monthly shopping adventure, to both catch up with antiquing friends and of course spend the monthly savings!

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  1. Every month is a different theme and this is a market that shouldn’t be missed.. I know I don’t !!

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