GCC Swap Meet (permanently closed)

Discover antiques, furniture and retro accessories at this flea market, sprawled out over 70,000 square feet. The GCC Swap Meet in Los Angeles has it all.

GCC Swap Meet began in October of 1994, with a modest group of vendors. Over the years, this popular monthly flea market held in the parking lot of Glendale Community College, has grown to an average of 175-200 vendors every month. Today, GCC Swap Meet boasts 70,000 square feet of antiques, collectibles, furniture, toys, jewelry, glassware and pottery, and much more for sale. Public  attendance is estimated at 2,500 or more throughout the day.

Whilst the organizers may call GCC Swap Meet a ‘swap meet’, we would actually consider it more of a flea market. Hardly any of the items for sale are new, in fact they are all second-hand or fine antiques. If you’re looking for mid century ornaments, retro clothing and vintage home-ware such as floor lamps, dial phones and rocking chairs – you will find a huge selection at the GCC Swap Meet (flea market).

Entry is free and it costs just $2 to park. The prices of products are very reasonable, especially in comparison to other LA flea markets. In fact they could be compared to that of a garage sale, but of course this flea market is much, much bigger than one!

Normally most of the good stuff is gone by 09:30, so if you want the best chance of finding something show-stopping, we suggest you arrive early in the morning. It is known that some dealers set up even earlier than for the suggested 8am start – if you get there at 07:00 or even 06:00 you will most probably discover a lot of vendors ready to sell their treasures.

The GCC Swap Meet has a very chilled atmosphere, and the market isn’t overwhelmingly big, you can realistically stay there for about 2 hours. The prices are so cheap – we can promise you that you will find an amazing vintage bargain to take home with you.

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