I Grandi mercati di Cherasco

Inaugurated back in 1917, the Grandi mercati di Cherasco is a huge antiques market, hosting over 600 vendors, which has seen its popularity and reputation grow year on year

Longevity is usually a sign of good health for flea market and antique shows. And it is not unusual, particularly in Europe, to visit flea markets which have been in operation for ninety or a hundred years. The Grandi mercati di Cherasco is one of those flea markets.

Inaugurated back in 1917, the Grandi mercati di Cherasco antiques and collectibles market (also known as I grandi mercati dell’antiquariato e del collezionismo), has seen its popularity and reputation grow year on year. The Grandi mercati di Cherasco is a huge antiques market, with more than 600 vendors attending and selling their wares over 5km of sidewalk, and 25,000 visitors. This antique market owes its fame and fortune to the enchanting setting: a beautifully preserved historic town center full of art, culture and respect for the past, which makes a perfect setting for an antique market.

The Grandi mercati di Cherasco is a rare event, which of course adds to its popularity. It only operates three times a year, so trips need to be planned well in advance to ensure this antiquing event is not missed. Thousands of interested buyers, collectors and browsers attend each time the stalls are set up, scouting the area for a beloved antique or curio to nab as a souvenir.

As well as the main antique and collectables market at the Grandi mercati di Cherasco, there are also specialized fairs and additional themed markets that accompany it and add to the charm and splendor of this event. Themes range from antique furniture, and vintage home decor, to ceramic and glass art, retro furniture from the 60s to the 90s, toy and modeling, book and paper, and artistic crafts. It is hard to choose just one out of this list, and antique aficionados are advised to book a trip to Piedmont three times a year!

Compared to the other markets in the area, the Grandi mercati di Cherasco antiques market has the merit of offering truly everything: from furniture to textiles, precious lace, dresses, curtains, vintage fashion. And there are also home objects, personal and garden items, which can all be readjusted and reused in an original way of course. It is too easy to get lost in the midst of such a splendid collection.

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