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Guld & Rod is a franchise of stores in different cities in Denmark that function as a flea market or a thrift store, offering an excellent range of quality second hand and vintage items in rather large venues that are easy to navigate

Guld & Rod have set up stores that function as a flea market, yet do not have hundreds of different vendors working under one roof. Those that want to sell their wares here simply need to rent a space, set up their stall in a way that pleases them, and then leave the staff of Guld & Rod to do the rest. This makes for a really intuitive shopping experience, where visitors can browse through the store and spend as long as they want to admiring the different items for sale. When the time comes to purchase, staff are quick and happy to help the customers, with profits transferred directly to the vendor.

The idea of a flea market without vendors has clearly been popular, as Guld & Rod now have 7 different stores through Denmark: Aalborg, Ribe, Hjørring, Ringkøbing, Brønderslev, Thisted, and Viborg. Guld & Rod stores are referred to in many ways: Some choose to call them a second-hand market or flea supermarket. Others call it vintage, thrift or recycling store. Whatever the terminology, the experience is the same – an excellent range of quality second hand and vintage items in a large store that is easy to navigate. Pricing of the items is always fair and there is something to suit every pocket in these stores. Haggling can be a little tricky since each vendor is not present to decide over the fate of their goods, but because of this, the items here are very rarely overpriced.

Shoppers will find a little bit of everything in Guld & Rod’s stores. Racks of vintage clothing are lined up next to candelabras, glassware, chinaware, clocks, wine racks, toys, ornaments of all shapes and sizes, handbags, jewelry, carpets and rugs, books, shoes and plenty of curios to satisfy all tastes. Though the stall-holders are not always in the store, care is taken by staff to ensure that new products and vendors are regularly introduced to the store, therefore there are always new items to see.

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