Hietalahti Flea Market

Hietalahti Flea Market is one of Helsinki’s most popular marketplaces during the summertime, and the largest outdoor flea market in the city

Flea markets-wise, Helsinki has also much to offer: not only has the popularity of flea markets grown tremendously over the past years, but the city council seems to encourage this initiative. Besides its famous landmarks and activities, Finland’s capital city hosts two major flea markets which attract hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of visitors every year from Spring to Falls. The Hietalahti flea market and the Hakaniemi Kirppis flea market are Helsinki’s most awaited & acclaimed flea markets.

The Hietalahti Flea Market is one of Helsinki’s most popular marketplaces during the summertime, and the largest outdoor flea market in the city! Located on the Hietalahti square, within the so-called Design District, the Hietalahti flea market (known locally as Hietsu) is for sure worth a visit.

Open Monday through Sunday, the Hietalahti Flea Market has close to 150 vending stalls and is mostly active during the weekend: go first thing in the morning and definitely bargain! As buyers, Finns are pretty shy to negotiate the price but you can be brave and bid. Most vendors are private citizens, but there are also some semi-professionals selling old and new stuff. And even though there are not so many sellers during weekdays, one still can find great bargains.

Last but not least, those who wish to take a gourmet-break after spending the morning strolling the flea market’s booths, should enjoy “tori kahvit” with a Finnish traditional bun korvapuusti or a munkki.

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5 reviews

  1. I saw quite a bit of vintage Marimekko here but in small sizes. If you are ready for a break from Nordic flavors, the food hall offers several Asian options.

  2. My family loves flea markets and this was a pretty good one. It was definitely our favorite thing to do in Helsinki. It’s not on par with Dresden or Munich, but it had a lot of hidden treasures. The prices were a little high, but as Americans we expect to be over charged. I would recommend this if you are an avid Flea market shopper.

  3. We found the market average in terms of goods, and relatively high-priced. Even by European standards, prices were high. A better place for curios would be the Fida charity shops. Head for the ones at Lonnrotinkatu 4 and Tehtaankatu 36 for a good range at better prices. We went twice – it was thin on the weekday but full and buzzing on the Sunday, so suggest going on a weekend if you must.

  4. This flea market was brilliant, we all had a great time, unfortunately we only got about an hour too look around, however in my opinion you could quite easily spend the day there, lots of bargains and we even spotted a vintage children’s sewing machine, its a shame we couldn’t bring it home with us. If you go to Helsinki i definitely suggest you visit the flea market.

  5. This wasn’t the best flea market I have ever been to. More reminiscent of a huge car boot sale, with some of the nice things quite overpriced. Maybe some of the better stuff had been bought earlier in the morning?! Overall a fine afternoon browse around- the food market next door was nice- enjoyed a coffee here.

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