Hock Siong & Co

A vintage furniture store specialized in recycling items which once furnished hotels, retail and industrial furniture

Specialized in recycling items which once furnished hotels, retail and industrial furniture, Hock Siong & Co showcases all kinds of style and is all about luck and discovery.

The store’s stock simply depends on the latest arrivals, and can just as well be a piece of Art Deco hotel lobby or a modern sleek shop-fit. One thing to keep in mind, is that Hock Siong & Co has quite a fast turnover, as well as a zealous fan base who’s regularly rummaging the shop to claim their treasures. So it’s always a good thing to keep an eye on their FB page (they don’t have a website yet) where every new item is photographed and to get ready to show up at a moment’s notice!

Surprisingly, everything at Hock Siong & Co is reasonably priced (though prices now tend to go up…). But if you feel there is more of a bargain to be made and you’re into the mood for a little bit of haggling, just help yourself!

Antiquing Tip Of The Day

When you’re visiting an antiques fair, turn left once you’ve passed through the entrance. Everyone else will turn right, which means you can get to the bargains before them.

— Judith Miller, antiques expert, writer and broadcaster
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