Hollis Flea Market

In operations since 1964, Hollis Flea Market is the oldest and largest flea market in New Hampshire attracting buyers and sellers from far and wide and hosting up to 400 vendors on any given Sunday

In operations since 1964, Hollis Flea Market boasts a 55 year history. Now in its second generation of owners, its popularity shows no signs of depleting as it continues to attract buyers and sellers from far and wide. Hollis Flea Market is the oldest and largest flea market in New Hampshire, and is a real melting pot of both people and treasures for sale.

Vendors selling at Hollis Flea Market are able to spread across more than 20 acres, and there can be up to 400 vendors on any given Sunday. Eager shoppers can number over a thousand, creating an energized atmosphere that is perfect for the weekly event. Hollis Flea Market is a family run affair, and the family clearly have a passion for yard sales, flea markets and all things second hand and well loved.

Since it is a weekly flea, there are obviously a lot of regular vendors at Hollis Flea Market. New blood is always encouraged though, and there are plenty of people who would rather join hundreds of others and tout their wares to an established crowd rather than chance a private yard sale. This means there is a fantastic variety of goods for sale, such as books, furniture, kitchen items, toys, clothes, clocks, mirrors, vases, pictures and much more. Shoppers will struggle to leave this flea market empty handed.

For those inexperienced in bargain hunting and antique value, Hollis Flea Market regularly offers appraisals. People are able to bring their goods along and have an expert eye look them over and give them pointers as to what value is held within. This makes Hollis Flea Market the perfect place for any newbies to the scene to go and test the waters, ask loads of questions and probably make new friends with the same interests! It is also a great place for first time vendors to get comfortable with selling.

There is a small fee for parking at Hollis Flea Market, and food available on site. Visitors can therefore make a day of it and enjoy!

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