Kaivarin Kanuuna

Kaivarin Kanuuna is a self-service second hand shop and a real treasure trove for vintage in Helsinki

If you ask someone from Helsinki to recommend a good flea market, you are likely to hear a lot of answers containing the words “Kaivarin Kanuuna flea market”. Technically speaking, Kaivarin Kanuuna is not a flea market per se. It can be best described as a self-service second hand shop.

Since garage sales are not common in Finland, there are a few variations to the usual sell-it-yourself type: at self-service flea market Kaivarin Kanuuna for instance, sellers can drop their merchandise off and the market will sell it for them. And because it is located in a posh part of the city, it is the perfect place to find treasures!

Kaivarin Kanuuna is a real treasure trove for vintage; shoppers usually find a lot of things ranging from vintage clothing & accessories, to books and smaller items for the home.

Kaivarin Kanuuna is located on the Merikatu and is situated in the Kaivopuisto area, which is also very famous in Helsinki. It might be a great idea to combine a visit to this second hand shop, with a walk in the Kaivopuisto park, which will give you enough time left to do other stuff.

All of the flea markets are very good to reach by public transportation. There’s at least always a tram which will go past or near the flea markets, so you won’t have to worry walking a great distance with your purchases.

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