Kentucky’s Antique Capital

With 14 stores specializing in antiques and vintage ware, walking down Hazel's Main Street is like taking a casual stroll through American history

When introducing Kentucky’s Antique Capital, you would be forgiven for expecting quite the bustling metropolitan affair. This is how the small town of Hazel begins to surprise visitors. The population of this town is just 410, but size is rarely a reflection of quality and nowhere is this more true than Hazel. With 14 stores in this tiny town specializing in antiques and vintage ware, walking down Main Street is like taking a casual stroll through American history.

Though the population of Hazel is small, the number of visitors passing through Kentucky’s Antique Capital is rather large, and it is easy to see why. The quality of goods curated for the stores here is excellent, and the historical knowledge of the shop owners leaves shoppers fascinated. Collectors are going to fill their bags here, but anyone interested in American history should also pay a visit. Stores span a perfect variety of antique goods, so whatever is of interest to shoppers and collectors is sure to be represented somewhere on Main Street.

For true, American country fashion through the ages, State Line Ranch and Home is the place to be in Kentucky’s Antique Capital. Cowboy history and culture is well represented here in the selection of hats, jeans, boots and rodeo gear. Some items are perfect to complete collections, though many more will hang proudly in any wardrobe that celebrates the unique and the vintage. Blue Moon Antiques supplies furniture and other remarkable interior items for the home, and Cheryl’s Creations and Gift Shop celebrates local handcraft work with unique jewellery, ornaments and vases.

If you only plan to visit Kentucky’s Antique Capital once, be sure to check the calendar of special events that take place regularly throughout the year. Roughly once every couple of months, a different theme sweeps through Hazel and stores open their doors, spill out onto the sidewalks and are accompanied by live music, parades and other celebrations.

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