Latgale Tirgus Flea Market

A true flea market filled with junk and where nothing is curated. Perfect to find real bargains

The Latgales Flea Market (or Latgalīte Flea Market) is a legend among flea markets enthusiasts in Riga and is considered by many as one of the best flea market in the whole Baltic region, even though it is located in the least popular part of Riga.

Travelers who do not leave the old town district during their stay in Riga, may get the impression that this grand city does not have a host of economic struggles. But a short pop over to the Latgale Tirgus flea market will give them a relatively interesting glimpse into the past and present of this Russian, German and Scandinavian influenced town.

Basically, one can find almost everything at the Latgale Tirgus flea market, starting from old vinyl records, useful things for the home, different kinds of bicycles (this flea market literally overflows with bicycle parts…), obsolete electronics, suitcases, old coins, books and a seemingly endless assortment of junk. But the most interesting stalls visitors may come across, are those selling Soviet era memorabilia like pins and uniform parts of the Red army.

So if you need to buy a gift for your friend or a souvenir from your trip to Riga, the Latgale Tirgus flea market is the place you want to visit. Even though the market itself caters mainly for hardware goods, there are plenty of hidden gems between the metal and tools! Also, you should visit the Latgale Tirgus whilst you can, as there are talks to decide of its future. Some parts of it have already been cleared out…

Most of the sellers in the market only speak Russian. But a few of them can also speak English. Also, note that, weirdly enough, taking pictures is not allowed in Latgale Tirgus.

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2 reviews

  1. It’s a true flea market filled with lots of junk and seems to specialize in old tools, electronics (circuits and fuses) cameras, doors jams, keys, etc. it’s not everyone’s liking but think you can discover some hidden gems if you look hard and if you are after the industrial look. I didn’t buy anything but It was great to photograph.

  2. If you need to find some special car part or other “hard to find” second hand item, this is your place. Others, it’s more like “rude awakening” to real Latvian word/life.. It’s junk yard for most of peoples but.. If you are specialist who want to find some item what everybody thought that has been “lost for ever”, probably you find it here!

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