Maine Antiques Festival

The largest antique fair of its kind in The Pine Tree State with upwards of 200 vendors, many of them professionals in the vintage and antiquing trade, the Maine Antiques Festival has been since the mid-80s a regular summer treat for antiquing and flea market enthusiasts

The Maine Antiques Festival is a much-anticipated event on the antiquing calendar for a number of reasons. It is the largest antique fair of its kind in Maine for one, attracts dealers from across the continent for another, and only takes place once a year in the summer. It is definitely a festival that many people look forward to – collectors know that there is always a good chance of snagging a desired item here, vendors enjoy the crowds of enthusiastic shoppers and families know it is the perfect weekend to bring the kids and embrace the community spirit.

Since the mid-80s, the Maine Antiques Festival has been a regular summer treat for antiquing and flea market enthusiasts. It started out as a smaller affair, much more akin to an expanded garage sale with many vendors selling typical flea merchandise, having emptied out their attics and garages to fill their tables. Now, there are upwards of 200 vendors that attend, and many of them are professionals in the vintage and antiquing trade. They seem to find real joy in uniting items with owners that will love them, so if you can not find something specific that you are searching for, do not be shy to ask around as the vendors are happy to point you in the right direction and help you find that particular piece.

With indoor and outdoor areas at the Maine Antiques Festival, it takes place whatever the weather and visitors need not worry about stormy days. Both areas are nice and spacious, and it is most pleasant to stroll through this fair and make a mental list of all the items that would look great in your home! It is certainly a market that is impossible to leave empty-handed. Whether you are interested in art, books, furniture, china, collectibles, advertising and paper items, clothing, coins, glassware, jewelry, pottery, primitives, sports memorabilia, tools, or toys, this festival has you covered and offers a whole lot more.

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