Melrose Trading Post

Melrose Trading Post is a top Los Angeles destination featuring nearly 200 eclectic vendors to check out

The Melrose Trading Post is a weekly antiques, art and collectibles market held once a week in the parking lot at Fairfax High School. Actually, the Melrose Trading Post flea market is a fundraiser for Fairfax High School.

Gathering between 3,000 to 4,000 attendees on a weekly basis, the Melrose Trading Post features nearly 200 eclectic vendors to check out. Admission is $3 which is not bad at all compared to the $8 visitors have to pay at Rose Bowl. Plus, the Melrose Trading Post flea market happens on a weekly basis instead of only once a month.

This flea market features a well-edited selection of vintage clothing, records, furniture, plants, jewelry, random knick knacks and quirky antique treasures that can get expensive. But if you dig deep enough you can find some great stuff and good prices.

The Melrose Trading Post is consistently listed as a top Los Angeles destination by numerous tourist websites and featured in publications and media all over the world. It can be a great, laid-back alternative to the bigger and more expensive Rose Bowl flea market.

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    3 reviews

    1. Fun place to roam around for used clothing, footwear and accessories, home decoration, old records, hippy art, nice bites, drinks, you name it. A great way to spend your Sunday!

    2. A must visit for any LA native or tourist. Show up early and parking is usually plentiful on the baseball field.

    3. The hot spot for LA’s urban dwellers every Sunday, Fairfax High School parking lot is filled to the max of hipsters and kiosks ready to upscale your wardrobe or you interior decorating. Entry fee is under $5 and you can literally spend a whole day here checking out the shops, some live music and a delicious snow cone. Every trip to the Flea Market I walk away with new hand crafted jewelry or a groovy pair of sunglasses. Do yourself a favor and brave the parking to come wander around the asphalt, it will not disappoint.

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