Milnerton Flea Market

Featuring one of the most spectacular scenery that can be enjoyed at a flea market, the Milnerton Flea Market is one of Capetown’s oldest, largest and most iconic informal fairs and a heaven for irredeemable hoarders and deal seekers

Set on an extensive stretch of land, straddled by Marine Drive on one side and the cool Atlantic Ocean on the other, the Milnerton Flea Market is one of Capetown’s oldest, largest and most iconic informal fairs. It is also a veritable heaven for irredeemable hoarders and deal seekers. And it’s worth mentioning that the Milnerton Flea Market probably has one of the most spectacular scenery that can be enjoyed at a flea market.

Established more than twenty years ago in Milnerton (the flea market moved more recently to Paarden Eiland), this lively open-air trading space gather twice a week on the edge of Table Bay, a mix of serious collectors, nostalgic Afrikaans elderly, incurable magpies, deal-hungry artisans and curious tourist.

And it seems that it is, in part, the thrill of sifting through the clutter and seeking out that irresistible bargain find, that one rare hidden gem, that keeps the flow of market-goers coming back religiously to the Milnerton Flea Market every week.

Week after week, the 250 stands composing the Milnerton Flea Market are filled with an endless array of inexpensive second-hand goods, dusty old odds and ends, discarded bric-a-brac and antique collectibles. The market is weather-dependent, and regulars usually attend the Milnerton Flea Market early on the first flea market day. That way, they can enjoy from new stock before the crowds roll in.

Numerous open car boots laden and make-shift trestle tables showcase a variety of elaborately-decorated antique jugs and tea sets, vintage cameras, porcelain gravy boats, old records, unwanted wetsuits, glass kitchenware, copper door knockers, gold-plated buddhas, books, memorabilia, collectibles and vehicle parts.

One of the secret to making a success of your trawl through the Milnerton market, is to try not to become immune to the overwhelming amount of ‘stuff’ to be had: there are so many stalls that after about twenty minutes one begins to lose the impulse to dig through items. So stay sharp by taking a break at one of the many food stalls or simply by enjoying the view.

Located practically on a section of reclaimed land of Paarden Island close to the beaches where the initial white settlers to this country landed, the Milnerton Flea Market truly has more to offer than a broad selection of antiques and knick-knack. And the fresh sea breezes and the ocean sight are only matched by the scenic views of the majestic Table Mountain overlooking the city of Cape Town.

All in all, the Milnerton Flea Market offers a truly unique outing and flea market shopping experience coupled with spectacular Cape Town scenery.

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4 reviews

  1. This flea market is open on the week-end. Great bargains to be found: Anything you can think of good and bad stalls, cheap and expensive. Make sure you know your prices.

  2. You need about 2 hours to browse the stalls properly here. There’s lots of stuff to see and browse. Bargain with the stallholders they are reasonable. Fun bric n brac for the whole family. Most of the items are 2nd hand. Don’t go looking for new novelties. Enjoyed it

  3. The wide spread of goods for sale gives this market its unique appeal. I would guess that about 75% is second-hand while the rest might be brand new. There is much to interest collectors, from coins, stamps, militaria, books, bottles, old brass artifacts, etc. You can even buy some tools, a rear light for your car, or get your bike fixed. There are also a nice selection of food-to-go, from pancakes through boerie rolls to Eastern delights. The people who attend the market are usually just as colorful as those standing behind their stalls, and while some things might be on the slightly expensive side, they are far outweighed by the wonderful bargains.

  4. Milnerton flea market is a must do if you’re visiting Cape Town. Or simply if you are a local looking for a spot where you have not taken your family to yet. Or if you need some odd items or even valuable collectibles. Based on my personal experience you can buy things from an array of Second Hand goods to even Fresh Food and Dried Foods of excellent Quality! At Good and more than Fair Prices.

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