Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market

With over 1,700 booths and 1,200 dealers from 30 states, the Nashville Flea Market has more to show than what the average person can see in one day

Once a month, the Nashville Flea Market takes over the state Fairgrounds. Thousands of shoppers flock to this truly massive flea market, which has something for every type of flea market shopper who’s willing to take the time to look around: From bric-a-brac to antiques, refurbished & vintage furniture, dollar items, wholesaler stuff, crafts, jewellery, vintage clothes – you name it, the stalls at the Nashville Flea Market probably have it.

And with over 1,700 booths (half indoor / half outdoor) and approximately 800 to 1,200 dealers and vendors from 30 states, the Nashville Flea Market has more to show than what the average person can see in one day! This explains why the Nashville Flea Market (also known as the Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market, and dubbed one of the biggest flea markets in the U.S.) can only be mastered with multiple trips.

All throughout the parking lots and through the buildings the Nashville Flea Market has some of the most interesting wares to show. There is just no way in the world someone – not even a seasoned flea market shopper with years of experience – could actually embrace in one weekend, let alone in one trip or one single day, the full glory of the Nashville Flea Market’s shopping experience!

The thing is, the Nashville Flea Market showcases a lot of amazing stuff, and particularly antiques. And all of this can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have anything specific in mind – all the more so as if you’re a newbie to this flea market.

On the other hand and for the same reason, some people do recommend showing up at the Nashville Flea Market with a minimal idea of what you want, and just buzz around until you stumble upon something you may need or didn’t realize you needed. If you go to the Nashville Flea Market without anything in mind, one tip to find a good bargain is to simply keep your eyes open to the people that go there: you’ll spot the regulars in a heartbeat, which may help you identify the sweet spots of the Nashville Flea Market and the aisles to avoid.

The same regulars will tell you one thing: it is possible to score some stellar deals on furniture and home decor at the Nashville Flea Market, if you’re willing to dig through some junk and take the time to chat with the merchants: besides the excellent variety of booths, the vendors of the Nashville Flea Market are very friendly, excited to talk about what they are selling, and willing to haggle – especially if you can pay in cash. One couldn’t ask for more!

You might hear people talk about the Nashville Flea Market as a place that merely sells “fake purses, diapers, packages of gum for 50 cents or tube socks for a dollar”. If this is not what you’re looking for, it is generally pretty easy to avoid booths which sell this kind of merchandise, since there are multiple buildings and several different outdoor areas around the Nashville Flea Market – most of the new stuff is concentrated in a couple of big buildings. After a time or two, you will get a sense of where to find the stuff that’s right for you.

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5 reviews

  1. My favorite flea market I’ve ever been to. Indoor and out door shopping with a WIDE variety of things that are being sold. Once a year I get a table myself and hold a kind of garage sale down there. Food is great and the shopping is awesome. I like to spend at least 6 hours looking everything over you never know what sort of bargains you are going to find.

  2. I travel all over the United States doing antique markets, and this is my favorite market of all. Great crowd, great variety of vendors, beautiful location. Incredibly well-maintained also.

  3. I love it. There is something for everyone. I try to go every other month. My kids love finding treasures too.

  4. Great place to buy and sell. About 80% older items 20% newer items. Great to find the hard to find items. It is every 4th weekend except December which is 3rd weekend. To see every booth you will need 2 days. Indoor and outdoor makes it a great market for everyone. This is NOT a low end market, this is a quality market. The kind HGTV films shows at, not a yard sale type market.

  5. Best Flea Market I’ve been to. Has everything from new, old, antiques, vintage and more. You won’t be disappointed.

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