New Egypt Flea Market Village & Auction

Set within the walls of old army barracks and other fascinating buildings. New Egypt Flea Market Village & Auction opened in 1959 and showcases the best in fine antiques and collectibles.

Founded in 1959, New Egypt Flea Market Village & Auction is a rare gem waiting to be discovered in New Jersey. This market is proud to be one of the last unpaved, old-time country markets in the state. It takes place within 40 historic buildings (some re-purposed), including original World War II barracks brought from Fort Dix that were moved to the site in the early 1970’s.

Stroll off the beaten path into this flea market village and find classic books, fine antiques, collectibles, worn furniture, vinyl records, electronics, home-ware and much more at the New Egypt Flea Market Village & Auction. This market has an early start; tables open at 7am until 2pm. The buildings open at 8am, and often stay open later than the recommended closing time of 2pm.

The market has many amenities, such as clean toilets, nearby parking with easy access in and out of the market, nearby cafes and coffee shops. This quaint yet large flea market village has a magnetic atmosphere. Vendors are friendly and happy to negotiate prices. Regulars come back time and time again, whether it’s to chat with the vendors, window shop or dig out more quirky treasures.

If you’re looking for rare curiosities and services, such as ancient stamps, old instruments, knick knacks and even a coin and gold exchange service, make sure you visit the New Egypt Flea Market Village & Auction.

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