Packwood Flea Market

The entire town of Packwood may only be a mile and a half long, but with more than 800 vendors the biannual Packwood Flea Market is the largest of its kind in southern Washington

The entire town of Packwood may only be a mile and a half long, but the biannual Packwood Flea Market is the largest of its kind in southern Washington. First established in the 1970s, Packwood is the most popular flea market in the Northwest. No wonder more than 800 vendors set up shop in this relatively small space over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, with the Labor Day market being the busiest of the two.

Packwood Flea Market enjoys an idyllic location. It lies roughly mid-way between two mountains, and the one road into town provides spectacular scenery on all sides. A long weekend can easily be spent here, with a day or two enjoying the flea and a further day absorbing the beautiful nature in the National Forest. However, if you are all about the second hand finds and bargains, you can spend all your time shopping and never see the same thing twice.

The vendors at Packwood Flea Market certainly know their stuff and can spy a browser who is yearning to buy something. They are eager to strike a deal, and bargains are ready to be had. Collectors will be pleased by the offerings of this market. Among the typical second hand goods and newer, fair-type items there are pieces of furniture, quaint ornaments, vintage jewelry, tools, kitchen utensils, books, sports goods, fishing rods, clocks, records, and pretty much anything you can think of that people might like to collect. There are also plenty of food stands and refreshments, so the whole weekend can easily be enjoyed here.

The website for Packwood Flea Market marks the dates and times that it is open, but if you are looking for a main organizer or someone in charge to contact, you will be left wanting. This flea seems to instead be passively organized by the whole town itself along side a self-regulating group of antique and thrift fanatics. Year after year, this flea is kept alive and literally bursts with bustle and excitement.

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