Parkville Antique Mall

Housing over 40 different vendors with a deep and broad knowledge of antiques, Parkville Antique Mall makes for an eclectic mix of booths that holds appeal to almost everyone

The Parkville Antique Mall houses more than 40 different vendors and each has a deep and broad knowledge of antiques, forming the core of this store. The owners have built upon this solid foundation by showcasing certain handcrafts, original pieces and curio items that could not be resisted. Parkville Antique Mall makes for an eclectic mix of booths that holds appeal to almost everyone.

The collections within the Parkville Antique Mall are spread through two floors, and each showroom is laid out perfectly to show off the goods and lead customers through each of the displays. Parkville Antique Mall is open every day and obviously takes pride in its pieces and selects quality vendors to fill the space. Great care is taken to ensure that goods are changed up often and displays constantly revamped, therefore even regular customers will rarely have to look through the same items again and again.

With so many wonderful things on sale at the Parkville Antique Mall, even determined window shoppers end up leaving with things they never imagined they needed or wanted! There are excellent pieces of furniture, both antique and newer items, throughout the store displayed by many different vendors. There are also fabric collections, antique books, glassware, crockery, flag collections, patriotic memorabilia, unique and original storage units, tools, utensils and decorative objects beyond number.

The vendors at the Parkville Antique Mall are quick to smile at and engage with shoppers, making all feel welcome whether they are armed with antiquing knowledge and experience or not. Of course they are ready for bargaining too, and it is obvious that they enjoy meeting with people and sharing their passion for all things old and beautiful. One visit here will not be enough and you are sure to join the ranks of ‘regular shoppers’ in no time.

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