Pensilva Antiques Fair

The Pensilva Antiques Fair is one of the largest and longest standing antique markets in Cornwall, and attracts visitors from all over the south west of England looking for quirky and unusual antiques

The Pensilva Antiques Fair is one of the largest and longest-standing antique markets in Cornwall. It takes place once a month in Millenium House, a large building specifically dedicated to community events and with outdoor space too, it is the perfect location for a large and growing event such as this. The antique fair takes over two large rooms in this house, and there is also a cafe within so visitors can easily take refreshments and continue shopping all day!

With over 75 vendors now selling their wares at the Pensilva Antiques Fair, it really can take most of the day to browse through everything and make sure no stone has been left unturned in the search for collectibles. Many of the vendors are regulars, and definitely seem to enjoy the feeling of community here as much as their business. New vendors are always encouraged too, to make sure that the market always has fresh goods for regular shoppers to browse through. All of the vendors here are extremely friendly and enjoy chatting about the goods they have on display and antiquing in general.

Pensilva Antiques Fair attracts visitors from all over the southwest of England and further afield. The market boasts something for everyone, though collectors will certainly be pleased with the range of treasures to be found here. Vendors are selling jewelry, ceramics, artwork, glass, pottery, mirrors, postcards and posters, stamp collections, smaller items of furniture, antique weapons and taxidermy, among much more. One well-established vendor, known as The Boxman, will have his fantastic selection of boxes, trunks, and cases, alongside fossils tools and old bits and bobs.

The Pensilva Antiques Fair allows plenty of space for the quirky and unusual, which is what visitors have now come to expect! This is the place to come for anyone who seeks a unique item to brighten up their home.

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