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Since 1992, Riverside Furnishings offers furniture a-plenty, unexpected one-of-a-kind items, and treasures galore that look perfect in every household

Many people crave unique furnishings, especially when moving somewhere new or redecorating their homes. Riverside Furnishings is the perfect store for such folks. As the name suggests, this antique store features furniture a-plenty, but also many items that are somewhat unexpected and treasures galore that will look perfect in every household.

There is obviously a lot of knowledge and passion behind the curation of the items for sale at Riverside Furnishings, which has been in business since 1992. The staff are always friendly and will go out of their way to assist with any customer queries.

Offers can be made and bargaining is welcomed here, but it is a busy store so indecision can often mean that the chance to own that awesome one-off piece is lost. From week to week, goods and stock are constantly changing too, so this is a store that is worth becoming a regular customer of.

One of the joys of rummaging through antique and second hand stores is the overwhelming chance of finding something completely random that was unexpected and certainly not on the list of ‘needed’ items for the house. Riverside Furnishings is a store where this is almost guaranteed to happen!

As well as incredible tables and chairs, this antiques flea market also features wonderful works of art, vintage signs, musical instruments, amazing old toys that will bathe customers in nostalgia, old chests, strange ornaments, shoes, mugs, pictures, license plates and computers that are now probable considered antiques!

Riverside Furnishings is regularly enjoyed by locals, and attracts many visitors from out of town too. Its reputation has grown, and those that travel a couple of hours to shop here certainly do not regret it. It delivers one-of-a-kind items in abundance, and once you have been here once you will be back for sure!

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    1. Wonderful selection of merchandise

      One of my favorite places in New Albany when I’m looking for something unique! With such an eclectic mix of everything, you never know what you’ll find here.

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