Royal Street – New Orleans French Quarter

Founded in 1718, New Orleans' French Quarter is a history buff’s delight and a haven for antique bargain hunters searching for treasure from the past

The French Quarter of the city of New Orleans, also known as the Vieux Carré (“Old Square”) is without a doubt one of the most promising shopping areas for antique lovers. Founded in 1718, the French Quarter  is the oldest section of New Orleans, and the city’s central square. No wonder why, given the city’s rich cultural history, this district – and particularly one of its most emblematic streets, Royal Street – has developed into a haven for antique bargain hunters.

Royal Street is a destination with a worldwide reputation. And serious antique collectors searching for treasure from the past should make a pilgrimage here at least once. Treasure hunters that find themselves in Royal Street are just as taken by the buildings themselves as by the gems showcased within. So many of the buildings are steeped in history, and many of the shop owners are like go-to encyclopedias of the area. Whatever item is picked up in their stores, they will share its history, stories surrounding it and other items related to it. A visit to Royal Street is like hitting a museum!

Royal Street has it all. Large, expansive stores with so much square footage it is hard to see everything; stores specializing in certain time periods or certain types of antiques; those that have been in situ for many decades and those that are newer to the scene. Window after window shows off beautiful wares, and the area is truly a shopper’s delight as well as a history buff’s dream.

The setting of the French Quarter of New Orleans could really not be better for a haven for antiques. It is easy to see why serious collectors not only visit, but also set up shops in this area of New Orleans. Many of the stores have a reputation throughout the States and beyond. And if a trip to Royal Street isn’t enough to satisfy one’s crave for antiques, New Orlean’s Magazine Street and its +40 antique stores selling high end furniture, sculptures, jewelry and art, is also a feast for the eyes, and a haven for the antiques bargain hunter.

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