Rutledge Flea Market

Based in the scenic Knox County and spread over 85 acres of land, Rutledge Flea Market is one of Missouri's longest running and most loved flea markets

Based in the scenic Knox County and spread over 85 acres of land, Rutledge Flea Market is one of Missouri’s longest running and most loved flea markets. It has been operating since 1948 and attracts vendors from surrounding states, as well as locally based businesses, to join up and punt their wares. The market takes place once a month, except for the winter months, and is certainly a shopper’s paradise.

Rutledge Flea Market opens early, so it is advised to set your alarm clock and rise with the sun for a chance to snag the very best items and bargains here. There is a camping ground on site though, which makes it easier to be the first shoppers at the booths!

With hundreds of vendors, even more on the Saturday than the Friday, Rutledge Flea Market offers plenty of goods to choose from – in fact it can be hard to know where to start. More serious collectors will not be disappointed, but as a layman it is a fun market to browse and see what kinds of curios catch the eye.

Many of the items for sale at Rutledge Flea Market capture the culture and history of mid-west Missouri. There are plenty of antiques, from furniture to ornaments, as well as pieces of art, hand-craft stalls, vintage book collections, toys, gardening tools and furnishings, and a whole load of guns. This market is also well known for its dog breeders, and many people come here specifically to find the next family pet or working dog.

The location of Rutledge Flea Market is easy to find, and there are plenty of refreshments to be had on site too. Many visitors do like to make a whole weekend of it, taking advantage of the camp site nearby, which creates a special atmosphere that is incredibly welcoming.

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3 reviews

  1. The Better Rutledge

    This year has proven to be so much better than in the past ! So clean and nice. Whoever is taking care of it is doing a phenomenal job. Huge variety from dogs, poultry, guns, antiques and so much more… You can probably find it here!

  2. First Rutledge visit

    The actual flea market is huge with many permanent vendors (not many bargains) On site camping was a 110 volt plug in a pasture. $25/night. No water hookup. It was very quiet though. There was a dump station. Saturday is the best day as locals bring stuff out and are more willing to negotiate prices. Must say there was a lot of variety. Including guns, chickens, rabbits, dogs, goats, quail, and who knows what. The folks were very friendly. We traveled 180 miles to check it out. Probably won’t return.

  3. We bought the best blonde mountain Curr there and she was hit by a car…we are just devastated and want to find the man we bought her from last year in September…best dog we have ever had. Wish I knew the cowboy looking older man who sold us this wonderful dog…all I know is he had about 16 of his own and had a cabin he took his dogs to. We would like another blonde female from this man.

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