Flohmarkt am Schaumainkai

A popular and conveniently located flea market in Frankfort, with a unique view of Frankfurt’s skyline

The Frankfurter flea market takes place every week, except during holidays. The exact location of the flea market changes on a weekly basis between the Schaumainkai and the Flohmarkt am Osthafen an der Lindleystraße.

The Flohmarkt am Schaumainkai is conveniently located – quite close to the city center and can be reached by foot, bike, public transport or by car – therefore making this flea market not only popular among frankfurters, but also among tourists and people from the surrounding area.

This flea market also has a pleasant atmosphere, providing a unique view of Frankfurt’s skyline. The proximity to the river and the presence of many cafes, bistros and small restaurants nearby, offer a nice way to round off the visit to the flea market.

The Flohmarkt am Schaumainkai especially attracts visitors looking to subsequently enjoy from a visit to one of the nearby museums. On the other hand, exhibitors find the central location of the flea markets particularly attractive, as it offer a higher opportunity to meet potential customers.

Last but not least, the Schaumainkai is part of the so-called Museumsufers (Museum Embankment): Nine museums are directly lined up side by side on the banks of the Main, and lure flea market’s visitors into visiting the museum. The Flohmarkt am Schaumainkai is located between the Eisernen Steg (iron bridge) and the Holbein Steg.

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