St Albans Antique and Vintage Market

St Albans Antique and Vintage Market is the first antiquing fair to set up in St Albans, Hertfordshire, and one Sunday each month it welcomes up to 80 dealers who line the length of St Peters Street with vintage goods and curios

St Albans Antique and Vintage Market is a relatively new event that has reinvigorated weekends in this eponymous city of Hertfordshire, located about 20 miles (32 km) north-northwest of central London.

St Albans Antique and Vintage Market is the first antiquing fair to set up in St Albans. And one Sunday each month the streets come alive with vintage goods and curios. If the regular high street stores leave you uninspired, wait until this market rolls around to find something unique and perfectly suited to your home. Collectors should also stop by, as there are often valuable treasures to be found from bygone times.

The organizers of St Albans Antique and Vintage Market have plenty of experience running such events in other parts of the country. And they were keen to bring their love of all things antique into St Albans. Their vision went down a treat, and this market has thus far proved hugely popular. Up to 80 dealers line the length of St Peters Street, which as locals will know is the heart of the shopping area of this town. The location is perfect, with old cobbled streets leading to the historic cathedral. The surroundings further inspire shopping!

Stallholders at St Albans Antique and Vintage Market are helpful and chatty and help create the lovely jovial atmosphere that envelopes the street on market day. So many vendors brings plenty of variety in the items for sale too. Wall clocks are for sale, alongside posters and artwork, wooden cabinets and other small furniture pieces, hats, handbags and vintage clothing, quaint ornaments and plenty of curios. The list goes on, with something to suit all tastes and budgets.

Being in the city center, there are of course plenty of opportunities for shoppers to put their feet up when visiting St Albans Antique and Vintage Market. With cafes, restaurants, and pubs to choose from, it is easy to fill a Sunday with antique hunting, bartering, followed by lunch to think over all the coveted items and then perhaps a little more shopping in the afternoon. What better way to spend a day.

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