Stratford Antique Center

Whether just curious about antiques or a more serious collector, the huge 5,000 square meter Stratford Antique Center housing over 200 dealers, has everyone's needs covered

Stratford Antique Center in Connecticut, is hard to miss. The huge 5,000 square meter warehouse painted in a quite unique shade of blue, houses conveniently under one roof over 200 dealers. Each space is filled with different antiques and collectable treasures, and since it is located just off of I-95 connecting Stratford to Bridgeport, it is easily accessible for everyone with a car. There is therefore no reason not to pop in and spend out!

Whether just curious about antiques or a more serious collector, Stratford Antique Center has everyone’s needs covered. The antique center has the added bonus of being open every day, so it is the perfect shopping location for those that can not wait until weekends or summer markets to fulfill their shopping needs. Being a covered market also makes it the ideal retreat from any dismal weather.

As with all the best flea markets and antique stores, it is impossible to simply pop into Stratford Antique Center for a quick look around. The lay out of the store and the way the booths are organized draws shoppers further and further in, and there is something new of interest on every shelf and tucked in every corner. The furniture selection is particularly stand-out, and those seeking to redecorate their homes would be hard placed not to find all their needs met here.

Also on sale at Stratford Antique Center are excellent pieces of antique and designer jewelery, Mid-Century Modern furniture, architectural salvage, Scandinavian design, vintage clothing, many oriental pieces, cap guns and other vintage toys, wrought iron, postcards, vintage posters, bottle caps, book shelves, French home decor, typewriters… the list truly goes on and on. Stall holders are more than happy to chat about their pieces and specific areas of interest, so it is also a great place to pick up a little knowledge.

Stratford Antique Center also offers a 10% discount for customers paying with cash or check, which is the perfect excuse to get busy shopping.

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