Sunday Antique Market

A popular Toronto flea and antique market, originally established at St Lawrence Market in 1890, showcasing vintage goods, eccentric souvenirs, rare collectibles, Canadian memorabilia and antiques.

This popular flea and antique market used to take place at St. Lawrence Market north, however, it has recently moved address and all of their wondrous vintage wares and tears can be found at The Esplanade in Toronto, Ontario. Sunday Antique Market was originally established at St Lawrence Market in 1890.

Customers come back time and time again for a fantastic display of vintage goods and retro memorabilia. Expect to find unique and eccentric items, such as vintage fantasy card holders, arty postcards, typewriters, floral curtains, mid-century furniture, secondhand garments, and vintage cameras such as Plaubel Makina W67 and Kiev 88.

Vendors at Sunday Antique Market are friendly and very happy to chat away with customers about all of their items and knowledge about antiques and vintage products. If you have any questions or are looking for something particular, then don’t be shy or hold back – put yourself out there! Merchants are also willing to negotiate the prices of their stock, in fact, they expect most people to offer them an alternative to their original asking price.

This market can get quite crowded and isn’t particularly big in comparison to other flea markets in Ontario. Also, there is no admission fee – which can attract a lot of people who come along just as something to do with their Sunday afternoon. Overall, Sunday Antique Market is definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for a wide selection of bric a brac and eclectic vintage treasures.

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2 reviews

  1. A Sunday Trip Down Memory Lane

    Earlier this year – the first weekend of May – I came across the St. Lawrence Sunday Antique Market quite by accident. This was the weekend of the Jane’s Walks, and the one I took in started in Parliament Square Park and finished at the Esplanade and Jarvis Street, which is a stone’s throw from the St. Lawrence Market.

    That market is closed on Sundays. However, the antique market, temporarily located south of the St.Lawrence Market, was open. I’d walk through the aisles of the market and look at the antique and vintage merchandise. The merchants were friendly and the merchandise was reasonably priced. It wouldn’t be too surprising that I would return to the antique market for another visit in the near future.

  2. I’ve visited this market several times over the past year or two. The merchandise is reasonably priced. I bought some wristwatches and other jewellery to wear. During one visit, I started my Christmas shopping and bought some crystal wine glasses to give as a present. It’s a good place to buy things for your home – furniture, light fixtures, a telephone, and some pictures to hang on the wall.

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