Sunday Discovery Market

Featuring a plethora of collectibles, bric-a-brac, bargains and hidden gems, the Sunday Discovery Market is a definite must see when you are visiting Brisbane.

If you are looking for the most popular flea market in Brisbane then look no further than Sunday Discovery Market (also known as Rocklea Discovery Market). With over 380 stalls on display and a plethora of collectibles, bric-a-brac, bargains and hidden gems on offer, there is no surprise an estimated 5,000 treasure hunters flock here every weekend.

Having recently undergone a multi million dollar refurbishment, the market place setting for Sunday Discovery Market now has improved parking and a larger space for the vendors to peddle their wares. There really is no better time to rediscover why the people of Brisbane adore this flea market so much.

Starting your day off at 6am, head to Sunday Discovery Market for a gut busting breakfast in anticipation of a frenzied exploration. Rummage though upcycled furniture as old as time itself whilst making sure you are first in line to unearth collectible Chinese ceramics and other Asian pottery.

Back in 2011 the Queensland area of Australia was subjected to major flooding. Rocklea was particularly hard hit and market was forced to close due to severe damage. Tireless work from the army and volunteers helped recover the area and it wasn’t too long before Sunday Discovery Market was able to re-open. Such community spirit and teamwork has to be admired. The market holds great importance to the locals and the number of people visiting each week shows what people can achieve in times of crisis.

Sunday Discovery Market is the perfect location if you are wanting to buy gifts for friends and family. Here you can pick up anything and everything so you can certainly meet all tastes. Acoustic guitars of all standard and sizes are here from a specialist music stall and there are the usual types of vintage clothing stalls. Mostly from people decluttering their wardrobes but there is ample opportunity to spot an elegant new outfit.

For the animal lovers amongst us, there are stalls here at Sunday Discovery Market to dress up your loved pets for the cold weather ahead – or just for a fun new look to show off at the local park. It is also possible to buy budgies and other small birds if you are looking to increase your family size.

In addition to the grand Sunday Discovery Market running on Sundays, on a Saturday morning there is Rocklea’s Fresh market. This is full of delightful food vendors showcasing the finest street foods and the freshest vegetables. The fresh market is an excellent place to pick up high quality meats at bargain prices or deck out your apartment with an array of beautifully scented flowers.

The Sunday Discovery Market is a definite must see when you are visiting Brisbane. Tourists and locals all pour into this wonderful and famous flea market and come away overjoyed with their finds. Sunday Discovery Market is the perfect name for this gem as you will always discover something to adore.

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