Sutton and Son’s Antiques

Set In the beautiful foothills of North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains, Sutton and Son's Antiques offers a wonderful repertoire of objects, and its owners pride themselves on being able to source any antique that is desired.

Near downtown Waynesville, in the beautiful setting of the foothills of North Carolina’s Great Smoky Mountains sits Sutton and Son’s Antiques. This store is so much more than a shop; it is a real slice of the culture and community of Western North Carolina, and it is committed to preserving just that.  As such, it is truly a showcase of pieces of history from the area and collectors of these kinds of artifacts will have more than enough to choose from.

As with all the best antique stores and flea markets, Sutton and Son’s Antiques can appeal to almost everybody, whether that person be a collector, decorator, designer or just someone who enjoys taking a treasure hunt through the past. The carefully curated selection of unique goods here is certain to please all. Though do not think that if an item is not on the shelves that it is not available; oh no. The owners of Sutton and Son’s Antiques will happily scour the market to source whatever collectable piece is desired by their customers. To save a potentially wasted trip, give them a call to find out what they have, or what they will be able to get. Satisfied shopping is guaranteed!

Sutton and Son’s Antiques offers a wonderful repertoire of objects. They have a selection of primitive and eclectic antique furniture, clocks, toys, memorabilia and a whole lot more on the shelves, in the store room and at the end of a telephone line. The owners really do pride themselves on being able to source any antique that is desired, so why not put them to the test!

Other oddities that can be found in Sutton and Son’s Antiques include a hot rod lawn mower, mammoth teeth, antique rifles, and antique Coke and Dr. Pepper machines and memorabilia.

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