Sweet Salvage

For anyone planning a trip to Arizona, Sweet Salvage antique and vintage market is the perfect way to spend a day, and indulge in a delightful shopper's paradise

Sweet Salvage is a 4-days award winning antique and vintage market in Phoenix, Arizona, which takes place once a month. In fact, shoppers and vendors alike are attracted from both near and far to attend this event, and all are keen to be a part of this fantastic monthly gathering.

Sweet Salvage features a wonderful mixture of vendors, craftspeople, artists and designers, and therefore particularly caters for vintage lovers. It is the ideal place to pick up an antique piece of furniture, a handcrafted gift for a special occasion, a rare item of vintage clothing or jewelery, or even an unusual finishing touch to a home décor project.

With the extra time in between each market, a completely new theme is created by the show organizers, making each edition of Sweet Salvage, a unique event of its own. All this effort makes for an awesome and unique antique market, with a great reputation and which is known among flea market enthusiasts in Arizona to be well worth a visit. With the same incredible effort spent for every market, it is perhaps correct to say that every month at Sweet Salvage is a month not to be missed!

Some of this year’s Sweet Salvage events included for instance the Green Acres theme which was focused on farmhouse style, Rustic Luxe mixing woods with luxurious metals and soft materials, Backroads and Blooms inspired by Spring, and Color Stories for which resident designers created incredible displays based on customers’ favorite color inspirations.

For anyone planning a trip to Arizona, Sweet Salvage should definitely be a stop on the road. This antique and vintage market is the perfect way to spend a day, and indulge in a delightful shopper’s paradise!

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