Tables To Teacups Indoor Flea Market

From Modern to Farm-tastic, Furniture to Decor and more, The Tables to Teacups Indoor Flea Market offers a personal and inviting experience to spend a good couple of hours shopping a vast 3000 square meters area.

Started back in 2002, Tables to Teacups Indoor Flea Market has changed locations a couple of times in its lifetime, and now spreads over a vast 3000 square meters area. The space can feel a little overwhelming, and with over 90 dealers in average selling their ware every day, there is certainly a huge amount of goods available to browse through.

Plan to spend a good couple of hours, whatever the weather, and an enjoyable time is guaranteed. Everything is presented beautifully, making this a great flea market for those who love a vintage bargain.

Tables to Teacups Indoor Flea Market is a family affair, and it is common to stumble across the owners when visiting. They are always very friendly, happy to answer any questions and seem really pleased to engage with customers, whether it looks likely there is a deal to be made or not. This flea market was started due to the owners’ lifelong love of all things antique, vintage and second hand, so of course they enjoy talking with others about their passion!

As the name suggests, there is literally a bit of everything from tables to teacups at Tables to Teacups Indoor Flea Market. It is often possible to find specific items that are desired for a collection, and of course customers can call up in advance to check the items that are on sale or the availability of certain pieces. There are lots of vintage clothes, sunglasses, kitchenware, books, glassware and a wide range of random and kitsch items perfect for unique household decorations.

Many of the pieces found at Tables to Teacups Indoor Flea Market are perfect for renovating a room or even a house! So a creative mind will love rummaging around all the items on offer. Also, if an item does not sell after 2 months, the price drops 10% and keeps dropping every month. Many customers check back regularly to get even better bargains!

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