Tel Aviv Antiques Market at Dizengoff

Centrally located in the heart of Tel Aviv and easy to get to by bus, shared shuttle, bicycle or on foot, Tel Aviv Antiques Market is a fun adventure, diversion and shopping spree.

In Tel Aviv, as with every thriving and bustling city, it can be hard to enjoy a shopping trip, especially when trying to keep to a budget. This is why finding the popular second-hand sales and flea markets can be a light in the darkness for determined bargain hunters, and the Tel Aviv Antiques Market at Dizengoff is one of the best spots in the city for this.

Tel Aviv Antiques Market hosts over a hundred regular stall-holders, who nurture a real atmosphere of camaraderie with one another. Shoppers are treated to snippets of friendly banter shouted back and forth, and though browsers are sometimes pestered to purchase, the vendors seem good at spotting those who are inclined to buy, giving them the most attention and leaving window shoppers to their leisure.

The rows of stalls at the Tel Aviv Antiques Market, trade in a multitude of different objects and curio. Flea market enthusiasts will find porcelain, bronze and wooden antiques, war memorabilia including medals and weaponry, vintage decorative jewelery (some higher value with identifiable precious stones, others more costume-jewelery style), collectable vinyl records complete with iconic cover sleeves, postcards, well loved and used books and magazines, plastic toys with a lot of nostalgia thrown in, documents of historical interest and significance, second-hand clothing, and carpets. There are even collections of old currencies in papers and coins, to satisfy numismatists!

Once held on Dizengoff Square, one of Tel Aviv’s main squares, Tel Aviv Antiques Market has moved in early 2018 to Gibeon Street, a pedestrian promenade between HaArba Street and HaHashmonaim Street. In fact, the whole venue, which is a mere 1.5 miles away from its former location, provides a true upgrade vs the Dizengoff Square: a better natural lightning, more stalls to choose from, and plenty of exhibition space, so vendors do not have to cram in next to each other, and shoppers have enough elbow room too!

All in all, a shopping trip to the Tel Aviv Antiques Market will not be regretted! Many local flea market enthusiasts say that on a good day it is even better than Shuk Hapishpeshim, its more famous sibling in Jaffa.

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