Treasure Mart

A consignment shop with 8,500 square feet of delightfully curated and highly organized vintage and antiques, and loads of small, inexpensive kitsch

Rather than wait until the region is sufficiently thawed-out to hold an outdoor flea market, the Ann Arbor-Detroit area is home to a year-round, three-story emporium of beautiful vintage goods.

Tucked away in Kerrytown, the Treasure Mart is one of the best vintage stores in the state. There is truly something for everyone – antique connoisseurs, DIY addicts, and flea market scavengers. Not technically a flea market by design but thoroughly so in spirit, the Treasure Mart is a consignment shop with 8,500 square feet of delightfully curated and highly organized mid-century home furnishings, vintage clothing, costume jewelry, ceramics, dishware, and loads of small, inexpensive kitsch. Price range from 25 cent postcard to a $8,000 Biedermeier bedroom set.

Housed in a historic building that was once a mid-19th century planing mill, the Treasure Mart also has an outdoor area full of vintage patio furniture spanning a few decades. Definitely a must do if you’re near Ann Arbor, all the more so as there are roughly 2,000 new items put out each day.

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3 reviews

  1. Always a GREAT place to find “treasures ” of all kinds from trinkets to books to furniture and old favorites. The treasures change all the time even from day to day. The staff is great and they know when real antique treasures come in. All is on consignment and the staff can help you load your vehicle if you need help.

  2. A must-visit place for any antique collector. Best consignment shop in SE Michigan. Make sure you look at the dates on the tags – 10% off for each month it has been there. So 5 months = 50% off!

  3. Great turnover of items. The staff is constantly rearranging the items into new displays, often themed, so you can see things with fresh eyes. Items are kept dust free, better than any other store of this nature I’ve come across. More European small antiques than you see in other places. The price tags on items are dated with the day they came on the floor. With each month that passes, the price is automatically reduced (at the register, not the tag) by an additional ten percent. There is limited parking behind the store.

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