The Virginia Bazaar

With 67,000 square feet dedicated to vintage merchandise and knick-knacks, the Virginia Bazaar is one of the largest flea markets in Virginia, and a haven for bargain hunters

Virginians love a bargain, and certainly love a good second hand sale. As such, Virginia is home to plenty of antique stores and hosts many regular flea markets, though none seem to quite compare to the size and quality of the Virginia Bazaar.

Every weekend, this hundred acre plot of land becomes a haven for bargain hunters, market lovers and anyone and everyone who enjoys browsing and shopping! With 67,000 square feet dedicated to vintage merchandise and knick-knacks, it is now one of the largest flea markets in the state of Virginia.

Shopping at The Virginia Bazaar is like visiting a giant yard sale. Vendors know and love their items for sale, and there is no question that they can not answer about them. There are some amazing stories behind some of the items, so be prepared to take your time strolling around and absorb the knowledge and the stories. It is what flea markets are all about, and especially why The Virginia Bazaar continues to thrive.

There is a wonderful variety of goods for sale at The Virginia Bazaar, ranging from vintage clothing, antiques, ornaments, and collectables, to cuddly toys, records, instruments, china sets, kitchen ware, garden items, artwork, furniture for indoors and out and much, much more. Many regular vendors set up their booth week after week, but The Virginia Bazaar also welcomes new vendors every week. So even if you become a regular visitor to The Virginia Bazaar, there will always be something new to see (and buy of course). Some of the outdoor stands even include fresh produce, adding a farmers market to the mix.

It is too easy to spend the whole day looking around and shopping at The Virginia Bazaar, and there is no need to leave the market for refreshments. The flea market hosts a food court centrally located inside with plenty of choice of delicious food and drink. Therefore, there is no excuse not to shop all day!

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