Three Speckled Hens

The brainchild of two antiquing enthusiasts, Three Speckled Hens welcomes twice a year more than 150 vintage and antique dealers bringing thousands of wonderful items for visitors to browse through

Three Speckled Hens antiques and old stuff shows are a real home grown affair. These fantastic events take place just twice in a year, and are the creation of two antiquing enthusiasts. Susi and Kathy each have had a life long passion for antiques and all things others may consider to be junk, and it was common sense to them to turn their passion into an event for the whole community to enjoy. Since its inception, this antiques market has grown from strength to strength and has been welcomed with open arms by both locals to the area and antique lovers from California and further afield.

More than 150 vintage and antique dealers set up shop at the Three Speckled Hens shows, bringing thousands of wonderful items for visitors to browse through. The organizers take care to select quality vendors, and make sure that a wide range of vintage and antique goods are represented at the shows. Of course, collectors will have a field day at these events, and an early doors entry pass can be purchased for a little extra cash. Most will agree that a little extra expenditure is more than worth it for the chance to get first look at the goods for sale!

Bringing history back to life is one of the driving factors behind the Three Speckled Hens shows, and it can certainly be nostalgic to walk around the numerous stalls and chat to the vendors here. Visitors can find vintage suitcases, road signs, advertising memorabilia, vintage jewelry, lighting fixtures and fittings, type writers, containers, sports memorabilia, bird houses and other garden items, dolls and other toys, clothing, fans and so much more.

It is fair to say that there is definitely something for everyone at the Three Speckled Hens shows. Even those not too interested in searching and shopping will enjoy the atmosphere, the friendly staff and the refreshments on offer. Whether you are a serious collector or not, this show is a fine way to spend a weekend.

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